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Did you know the world’s rhino population has declined 90% since 1970?

Four of the five species of rhinoceros are in danger of extinction in the wild, due mostly to illegal trade in rhino horn and increasingly, to habitat loss. If not for conservation efforts, there would be no wild rhinos alive today.

Four of the five remaining species of rhino will become extinct in the wild in our lifetime if we do not take action to stop poaching and support rhino conservation. Rhinos in crisis: Rhino horn is NOT medicine!
Education about rhino horn is desperately needed.

We need to teach people to stop thinking of rhino horn as a valuable commodity and start focusing on the facts. Rhino horn has no medicinal properties, no curative benefits, and no magical powers.

Rhinos have been slaughtered to near extinction to fuel the unwavering demand for rhino horn products in China – and recently, Vietnam – all based on myths and superstitions about so-called “medicinal properties” of rhino horn. Both China and Vietnam have thriving illegal markets in rhino horn and other endangered species products.

The biggest reason for the rhino extinction crisis is poaching for rhino horn, but habitat loss is increasingly a factor endangering the species. Rhino poaching supplies a black market for traditional Chinese medicine in much of Asia…

Founded in 2010, RHINO FORCE is a dynamic organisation that specialises in the development and activation of philanthropic campaigns designed solely to sustain and benefit human, animal, plant and planet life.

RHINO FORCE and The The Africa Foundation are working toward raising awareness and contributing to ways and means to fight this illegal trade. All campaign profits and donations are paid to the our chosen, trusted and exclusive beneficiary for direct use in preventing rhino poaching.

The RHINO FORCE campaign is raising awareness of the illegal trade in rhinos, as a flagship species for all illegal wildlife trade and poaching.

The RHINO FORCE bracelets are made up of white, red and black beads separated by a coconut seed. The black and read beads represent the black and white rhinos, and the red beads signify their plight. The coconut seeds reflect the rhino’s colour and tough exterior. Rhino Force bracelets are available at a range of outlets across the country, at a cost of R30 each or buy yours right here now online. All profits from the sale of these bracelets goes towards rhino conservation work.


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